Lost within a Domain

Humanity’s insanity, lacerated upon dogma,
Dogma, a fog of humanity, they ache for an escape,
Barbed in, social media cascades with regret.
Bellowed below, within their creed.
So much humane lost within domain,
Urls, what a witty domain name.

Media, media, sporadic in growth.
A weed by contagion, an internal plague,
Intoxicated by strings, societal norm becomes the puppet.
Behold, humanities finest, pawns in their schemes.
Connotation loses weight, bounded by a scale crafted by fools.

Definitive good becomes a definitive scarlet.
Definitive bad becomes a infamous celebrity.
Conceived into conception, destined for marriage.
Conceived upon divorce, naturally stubborn.

We call it humanities finest, we call it humanities heart;
A beat so poisoned, it became fiction.
Truth, absolute, media was our downfall,
Pitted against each other, connotation lost weight.
A scale created by fools, lost within their own domain,
Urls meant to cure, but provided their definite end.

We lost our humanity, in return for our insanity.
Welcome to the new age, connotation is obsolete.

Prevalence within Time

In every existing paradigm, time is prevalent. To an extent, time is quite literally intertwined within mankind. In retrospect, time is ignored out of fear, time is glorified out of ego. The fundamentals of time are transparent, opaqued only by men blinded by fear. Fear of wasting time, fear of their inevitable demise, fear of not enough time. The horrific notion of time is demonized by humanities carelessness, we don’t give value to it as we should.

Focused upon the motive, we forget the worth of it in sake of a grand goal. A grand goal wicked with ignorance, we don’t know how depleted our life force is, never bound to discover the remaining grains of sand within our celestial hourglass. Instead mankind forged a mockery to relieve their constant ache, tools of clockwork became the highlight of their downfall.

Truly, we always had enough time, led by fools we were led by fear. Because only when your own fabric of time dissolves and the twines between the stitches become ditched within the mockery of your reality, only then will you realize just how delicate your time was and how careless you were with it. Time is a gift, we treat it as a timeline but yet it’s a present. A present to be lived in, not ignored.

The constant fear I have is wasting precious time and spending it with such a blind heart.

Bounds of Love

Bounded by culture, cultivated by humanity. The connotation of love is deepened within the insanity. Insanity within the heart, betrayed by the mind, love is dominant. Truly sporadic by nature, love is impressionable by the beholder. Throughout the society’s definitive nature, love rebels allowing for a malicious act to define an individual. In lay, love often betrays humanity. Cascaded by the beholder, an alternative motive prevails within the blacks of the night.

Betrayal by deception, causing humanity’s finest to be led astray upon the eluded path within. Betrayal by growth, love is often seen as a pivotal conception, seen as frozen but meant to ascend. It is growth within the conception of love that has led connections into dogma, failure. In reality, love is beauty in its epitome. Not defined by physical lust or emotional wit, rather by its entirety within the sphere of reality. Whether it is cascaded youth or glorified age. Love has no date, no end, meant to surpass humanity.

Simply we weren’t humble enough, rather than grasping our celestial love. We waited for a theoretical concept, hoping the definite would enter our domain. We were left empty handed, alone, stubborn, blinded to what love truly was; humanity proved to be foolish. In essence, love is all around us, the green on the earth is paralyzed with the love of harmony. The soul within is paralyzed by the sporadic nature of humanity.

My love is within the infinite, infinitely desiring the conceptual sensation of her soul caressed upon mine, my connotation is infinite, it’s fiction to the world, relevant to the truth. Love is the truth, the beat of the core, the endless inferno pitted within me. Cascaded youth, mutated into an endless tale.

Endless Cascade


A yearn for rhythm, the caressed beat upon her crimson;

Ticked with infinite grace, it became my addiction.

Forever perplexed

An endless beat, no bound, no origin;

She became fiction

Finessed by no diction, she was impervious.

Cascade of youth, an infinite blend of ingenuity;

Lacerated by her presence, inflicted upon my crimson.

Her beauty, no connotation can suffice;

The infinite of reality remained pale, matched by none

She was Aphrodite.

I ache, my addiction runs too deep;

Caressed by her lips, feeding my healthy addiction.

I must confess, I’m in withdraw;

Endless taunt brimmed with lust.

Intoxicated with love,

Her crimson velvet fuels my addiction;

An endless inferno, I yearn for her touch,

My healthy addiction, she became my infinite.

Imprisoned Within

Upon the façade of humanities creed,

Crimson velvet stricken with lust;

Sensation with no bound, what a fiction.

Twisted through society, mutated into hate.

Perplex in her finesse, I lost my diction;

Such a theory, it is un-Godly.

Vocals are obsolete.

Love with no end, Love with no beginning;

Touch is absolute.

Perplex in her finesse, I lost my diction.

Within the crimson façade her image ignited.

She held my key, my only key, what a fiction.

Through the scorch she burned;

Addicted to the infliction, I stayed.

Sensation with no bound, what a fiction;

Love claimed me, a victim to lust,

Her sensual touch, it spurred me paralyzed.

An infinite complex within her devotion, she is a must.

Call me a prisoner, a prisoner by choice.

I grasp her curves and her love is mine

Willingly I cuff my chains;

Addicted to lust, perplexed is a must, it’s a fine.

A fine I must pay, a prisoner to love.

The Inflicted Facade

Harmonious with the pit upon his velvet heart,

Lacerated upon velvet she was art;

Stroked with eloquence and absolute devotion,

He reminisces of the euphoric love he once had.

Once more he ignites with her finesse,

On the infinite domain of her eyes,

And her aesthetic.

As she caressed his bow

On the arrow within her heart,

Drawing her aim

‘til the love was fictional.

Jointly spent the grains of time over,

Till the last grain was obsolete;

The Cupid in her own domain, inflicted with his arrow,

Reinventing the connotation of love.

She perished in a cry of bitter lust.

Grasping the feather upon her arrow inflicted within;

As she collapsed to the medium, she became an infinite muse.

With her final encore, his world became fiction, relatively obsolete.

Harmonious with the pit upon his velvet heart.

Lacerated upon velvet she was art;

His bow still etched with her crimson arrow.

With the rhythm of her beat, his heart yearns,

Etched by his cupid.

He was her narcotic,

And she was his, so long ago.

Enigmatic Dogma

Society demonizes diverse thought, it is portrayed to be an illness within the masses. An illness founded upon a simple placebo, conformity, a monotonous state of dogma in which it dilutes the abstractness within humanity. In truth, mankind is encapsulated by the thread of his statuettes, founded upon metonymic beliefs, demonized officials fiddle with societal threads, and mankind is lost within their own connotations of normality, harmonious within the fiddling humanity is plagued.

Plagued to such depth, the blacks of the night are translucent in comparison to the enigma within the mind of humanity, within the mind inlays an infinite loop of unquestionable beliefs, beliefs that remain unquestioned are subject to dogma, an ingredient for corruption. Contrary to previous ideals, the connotation society unwittily constructed is not the absolute, simply it is an opaque disease. A disease conquered through exorcism, the abolishment of divine hatred.

Once abolished, divine hatred is minute compared to the infinite complex of humanity. In laymen, mankind is sporadic by nature, although few dare to admit, mankind is limitless; gauged by an unreasonable meter.

It is unreasonable, mistaken leaders continue to hinder our progression, bigotry is prominent and innovation is slowly deteriorating. Be the anomaly, the change within the world. Don’t be a puppet to demonized individuals. Above all, allow the fear of being average outweigh all adversities.

Connotation of Beauty is Lost

Beauty, an elusive concept lost within the dogma of societal confinements. Humanity is dubbed prisoners, slaves to their defining concept of beauty, truly no concept of beauty can be met with such genuine ignorance with the royal exception of humanity. Throughout the stream of consciousness, art decayed, music plundered, literature plummeted, and conjointly beauty became corrupted. Mankind disavowed their fundamentals and sought after a radical perception, in which beauty is constituted as the epitome of greatness, in the process mankind deteriorated their morals in sake of an offensive paradox.

An offensive paradox plagues humanity, notions such as “she is homely,” and “he is homely” only propel the societal harm in which mankind constructed. Truly the general populous eluded to an unfathomable connotation of beauty, one can readily see the collateral inflection upon society, and it’s a laceration with an infinite drip of polluted blood. Evidently humanity deems itself the saviors of existence but truly they have brought the reckoning, brimming with cascading thoughts of infinite negativity only serves to illustrate their continuous antagonism against themselves.

Continuous antagonists towards their existence, constructing un-Godly perceptions of beauty, elegance, and grace. Notions such as “she is beautiful,” and “he is beautiful” are consequently the epitome of their ignorance. Ignorance filled with a delusional concept of elegance, blinding all realistic societal norms in sake of an offensive paradox. In humanities’ society, the defining nature of beauty is scattered throughout the cosmos in such an offensive manner. Humanity is lost.

Lost within their own connotations, the English dictionary sheds all worth. Can pulchritude be either ugly, beauty or both? Pulchritude once dubbed as human perfection metamorphosed into an opaque sewage of lost morals and values that inherently gleam no significance. Mankind blindly ignored away the only absolute concept of humanity, its beauty, in sake of a sickening version. What an offensive paradox.

A Societal Placebo

Humanity is struck tenaciously by a plague, a plague that inhibits their mental abstractness. Although the minute fraction of mankind is dubbed intelligent and Godly by societal norm one can readily see the peril within this abstract, with deep alienation the grand populous is condemned to a graveyard of mockery, in contrast the abnormalities of mankind are constructed into timeless shrines. Shrines built with envious thought and humble appraisal, truly the humans who dared to construct complex imaginations and initiate in equally thorough mental processes were rewarded. Assuredly the essential individuals are prized with an infinite concept, the right to never be forgotten.

The right to never be forgotten is questionably the epitome of humanity. Truly mankind has made it evident their position on the wonders on society, the individuals who were crowned as significant. The definition of humanities significance is reliant on their heritage, it’s a societal abstract that inspires the populous. The right to never be forgotten is the absolute goal for the majority, this separates the essentials and non-essentials. With an assiduous devotion to detail, the remarkable individuals obsessed with mental immortality and a craving to lacerate history causes humanity to remain, they’re the balance to humanities sins and ignorance.

Humanities sins and ignorance inhibits their mental capacities and hinders their abstractness. Notions such as born ingenuity are nonexistent and paradoxical, truly one can readily see the red herring within, it’s a distraction meant to ward off the in-superior. Ingenuity is made with resilience and profound belief in progression, simply it’s not gifted upon that would only serve as a mockery based off ignorance. With unrelenting tenacity mankind constructed a dogma, a dogma that only hinders the growth of mental cognition and abstractness, truly only the greats and dare I say the chosen ones can rebel against this concept and continue on without relentless self-delusion. In laymen, this is simply the truth.